Fun Activities for Fall Time

Fun Activities for Fall Time

Fall is here! That means it’s time for fall foliage and family fun, so take a look at our list of fun activities to try this fall season — including outdoor and indoor activities. 

Easily one of the most beautiful times of the year, fall is full of wonder and warmth. The falling leaves crunching under your feet and all the pies you can eat make it that much more special. As we say goodbye to pool parties and backyard barbecues, check out the following list of fall activities for inspiration!

Outdoor Activities

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out these activities for outdoorsy entertainment: 

Attend a harvest festival or local farmer’s market to peruse local produce 

Go pumpkin picking with your family and take lots of pictures 

Take a scenic train ride in your area; this will let you relax as you take in the views 

Go apple picking and make something delicious, be it an apple pie or harvest salad 

Have a bonfire to swap ghost stories and make s’mores with loved ones 

Have a fall photoshoot; it’s the perfect excuse to jump into a pile of leaves 

Visit a haunted house exhibit and test your fear meter 

Drive through a scenic route and enjoy the fall foliage 

Visit a corn maze, get lost, and find your way back 

Go camping, as this time of year boasts fewer mosquitoes and crisp, windy days 

Go hiking before the weather changes and bask in the peaceful colors of nature 

Indoor Activities 

Feeling more like spending a cozy evening at home? Check out the following activities for indoor fun:

Host a potluck dinner with friends 

Light fall-scented candles, get your coziest blanket and pick up a book to read 

Carve a pumpkin with your favorite pop culture icon 

Bake delicious pies or pillowy pumpkin cookies and share with your coworkers 

Host a chili cook-off with your neighborhood friends and vote on your favorites 

Try a fall-inspired cocktail and share it at dinner parties 

Have a movie night with your favorite snacks 

Plan a murder mystery party and playing detective for a night 

Try a new recipe, perhaps a delicious, nutty harvest soup 

Decorate your home with autumn wreaths, hay bales and pumpkins — refreshing your home decor can make your space feel more cozy and inviting for fall activities 

Keep The Good Times Rolling 

Whichever fall activities you decide to try out, let us know on social media! Tag us on Instagram @naturalbalancebrand. 

And as you begin prepping for the busiest time of the year, don’t forget to take a minute to pause. Rest and relaxation are just as important as going out and having fun. HTP Calm may support a “tranquil mood”, so when you’re feeling spread thin, find time to unwind and lean into JOMO (joy of missing out).

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