Happy Camper: The Feel Good Herbal Formula

Happy Camper: The Feel Good Herbal Formula

Just as the earth is covered in hills and valleys, our lives are are filled with ups and downs. For those days when you need a little boost to get up and going, or need a little support to come back down, you can count on the traditionally used ingredients in the Natural Balance proprietary blend of Happy Camper.

Traditional Ingredients

Happy Camper combines herbs from around the world to offer a chemical-free mood boost. Gotu Kola, Kava Kava, and Passion Flower are this product's headliners, and together they create a powerful blend to support you through stressful days or difficult times.

All-Around Mood Support

Each ingredient is linked to a different aspect of mood support. Kava Kava is traditionally used to encourage natural relaxation. Gotu Kola offers a boost of energy and focus as well as supporting increased blood circulation. Passion Flower can also help ease anxiety or hyperactivity, and may also help support restful sleep. 

So when life gets you down, or maybe a little too far up, take Happy Camper to level your mood with the support of Mother Nature approved ingredients for chemical-free anxiety relief, or the mood boost you need to make it through the day.

Looking for additional information? Visit the Natural Balance Happy Camper product page!

Natural Balance Happy Camper feel good mood formula

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