How to Increase Flexibility at Any Age

How to Increase Flexibility at Any Age

Ever wondered how to improve flexibility, or if you could at all? Read on for tips on stretching for flexibility.

Flexibility is the ability to move through a normal range of motion without experiencing pain or discomfort. It can be an indicator of how stiff or flexible your joints are, and, in turn, your general health.

At around our 30s and 40s, our flexibility starts decreasing. This means we're losing the ability to move our joints through a full range of motion. Besides natural aging, this could be due to working desk jobs and not making time for physical activity. Luckily, flexibility can be improved at any age. Here are some stretching exercises for beginners.

Stretching Exercises for Beginners

The Cat Cow Pose

  • Grab a yoga mat (or a comfy rug) and get on all fours.
  • Next, as you breathe out, push your spine toward the ceiling, as if you were hunching or making the shape of a scaredy cat. Let your neck relax and drop your head between your arms where you feel a comfortable stretch.
  • Hold for the count of three.
  • Then, gently breathe in as you slowly move your spine in the opposite bend and your belly drops, like a cow. Look gently towards the ceiling. Hold for another count of three.
  • Repeat five times or until your back feels nice and flexible.

Flying Hero Pose

  • Stand tall, feet hip width apart, with your knees slightly bent.
  • Next, extend your arms out and towards the sky, as high as you can.
  • Then, bend  your torso to the left, keeping your hips stable, while squeezing your muscles on the left side. Hold for a breath.
  • Slowly "fly" forward and around from your left to your right side, bending towards the right.
  • Do this five times, then switch and start on your right side, rotating left for five more reps.

Hip Stretch Pose

  • Grab that yoga mat again and get on all fours.
  • Next, extend one leg out to the side. Keep the leg straight and flex your inner thigh muscle.
  • Then, keep your muscle flexed and shift your hips back as far as possible; avoid arching or bending your spine.
  • Last, hold this pose for five seconds before returning to your starting position.
  • Do this 10 times, then change to your other leg for 10 more reps.

Flexibility for General Wellness

When you practice physical flexibility, remember to be gentle with your movements and gradually increase your range of motion. Going into a difficult stretch that's too advanced for you could cause injury. Looking for extra support? Super Flex Back Formula is designed to help support carefree motion for those who want to stay active.

As you practice stretching exercises to improve your physical flexibility, don't forget to practice your mental flexibility, too, to care for your general wellness.

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