Keep These 3 Resolutions in 2024, Scrap the Rest

Keep These 3 Resolutions in 2024, Scrap the Rest

Hey, look! Another blog post about New Year’s resolutions. 

Whether you like to set resolutions, create atomic habits, or practice “magic mornings,” one thing will always be true: 

If you bite off more [resolutions] than you can chew, you end up not accomplishing any of them. 

You’ve probably had the experience of watching your well-intentioned goals slowly suffocate after you committed to too many. (It’s actually a universal law called the Law of Diminishing Returns. Google it.)

So, to combat this eternal wheel of repeating resolutions, we did some of the hard work for you by narrowing down a long list of resolutions to just 3 we believe will make the biggest positive difference in your quality of life. 

Here’s to a new year and a new you. 

1. Get Enough Sleep 

Coming in at number one in our top 3 life-changing moves for 2024 is committing to more sleep. How much sleep? Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night.

Getting enough sleep isn’t just about feeling refreshed; it’s a non-negotiable for every part of your health. 

Your body is an expert in repairing damage, fighting off infection, and preserving your youthful glow at the cellular level. And it does most of that during sleep.

Sleep is the primary fuel for memory and problem solving. Sufficient ZZZs can make the difference when it comes to remembering when your work call starts, recalling an old friend’s name in the grocery store, or figuring out how many family members are coming over for dinner. (Not to mention more complex tasks such as balancing your budget or writing that work email.)

On the physical front, sleep reinforces your immune system. regulates your hormones, and is a crucial player in your cardiovascular health. Whether you’re an athlete or just hustling through the day, sleep is your body’s recovery time, which is essential in reducing the risk of injuries and boosting physical performance. 

Getting more sleep is arguably the most versatile and powerful tool in your arsenal for a full and productive life. If you need some help hitting the pillow and drifting off, we recommend a gentle supplement to promote regular and restful sleep. 

On to number two.

2. Minimize Stress 

Number two on our 2024 resolution list is minimizing daily stressors. Life can be stressful—who are we kidding, if you have a job, pay rent/have a mortgage, and you like food, you’re going to experience stress—but here are some tried and true tips to help you navigate the chaos.

  1. Practice deep, intentional breaths. Whether in traffic, facing a tight deadline, or handling general mayhem, mindful inhales and exhales work wonders.
  2. Declutter your mental space. Simplify your to-do list, prioritize tasks, and acknowledge small wins. This can significantly ease the daily grind.
  3. Address technology use. Set boundaries, turn off non-essential notifications, and limit screen time for stress reduction.
  4. Nurture social connections. Whether with family, friends, or pets, meaningful interactions are potent stress-busters.
  5. Consider natural supplements that combat stress and support a positive outlook. We love the Natural Balance Happy Camper line. 

While the first two resolutions were probably no-brainers for you, our next tip might just surprise you.

3. Listen to Your Gut (Literally

Landing at number three on our 2024 resolution lineup is taking charge of your gut health.

A healthy gut impacts your quality of life by promoting efficient digestion, nutrient absorption, and a robust immune system. It also plays a role in mood regulation and overall well-being through its connection to the gut-brain axis.

Here’s how you can start supporting your gut health: 

  1. First and foremost, fiber is your gut’s best friend. Load up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains to keep things moving smoothly. Think of it as a daily workout for your digestive system. Sometimes backups happen and a little supplemental help could be of benefit. Natural fibers such as Psyllium Husk can really help you get back on track!
  2. Probiotics are the superheroes of gut health. Incorporate yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, or kimchi into your diet to bolster those beneficial bacteria. 
  3. Hydration is key. Water keeps things flowing in your digestive tract, aiding in nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Hydrating is a simple yet powerful way to support your gut.
  4. Cutting back on processed foods and sugar is a game-changer. These culprits can disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, leading to digestive issues. Opt for whole, nutrient-rich foods instead.
  5. Pay attention to how different foods make you feel. Your body is pretty good at signaling what it needs and what it doesn’t. Trust those gut instincts.

Wrapping Up 2023

As you dive into your plans for a healthier 2024, be sure to prioritize better sleep, stress-busting strategies, and some love for your gut. 

Sleep sets the stage for a sharper mind and body, stress hacks help you stay cool under pressure, and gut TLC ensures you’re in sync with your body’s needs. These aren’t just resolutions; they’re everyday game-changers for a healthier, happier version of you. 

Cheers to more ZZZs, less stress, and a happy gut that’s feeling the love in the year ahead!

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