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Natural Balance

AlkaMax | Comfortable pH Formula

AlkaMax | Comfortable pH Formula

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pH Balance - Naturally

Like an acrobat walking a tight rope, using a long pole for balance, the body is a master at maintaining the acid to alkaline ratio for optimum function. However, just as a gust of wind can put dangerous pressure on the acrobat, what we eat and drink can tip pH scales, creating and imbalance that can cause muscle cramps, tiredness, nausea, and other disruptive side effects. AlkaMax is formulated to support he kidneys in properly filtering out excess acids and rebalancing optimal pH levels in your system.

  • Only Natural Ingredients: AlkaMax is formulated with nature approved ingredients, chemical and synthetics not included. Calcium and magnesium are combined with Potassium Bicarbonate and DGL Glycine for an uncomplicated and optimally effective antacid formula.
  • Feel Good for the Long Term: AlkaMax is a natural formula to support he body--focusing on the kidneys--in maintaining a healthy pH level to support overall health and wellness.
  • Neutralize Acid: Everything that we take into our bodies--food, drink, air--affects the pH levels in our systems. Whether you have had side effects for a while or are just feeling a little off-balanced, AlkaMax will help to reset your pH levels to harmonize your system.

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