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Natural Balance

AlkaMax | Healthy Alkaline Support

AlkaMax | Healthy Alkaline Support

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Neutralize Acid; Maintain Balance

Thanks to a blend of alkaline minerals like Magnesium, AlkaMax offers healthy alkaline support without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic additives. Too much acid can cause discomfort, but AlkaMax is an uncomplicated way to neutralize any potential issues from the start.  

  • Simple Formula:  With no harsh chemicals or preservatives to worry about, you can trust that AlkaMax provides the uncomplicated support you crave.
  • Stay Neutral:  Part of living a balanced life means avoiding uncomfortable extremes; AlkaMax helps you stay neutral. 
  • Mineral-Based Complex:  The power of AlkaMax lies in alkaline minerals, making this a formula you can feel good about.  

*Packaging received may be different than what is shown as we transition to a new look, but rest assured all formulations and products remain the same.

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