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Natural Balance

Bloat-X | Fluid Balance Formula

Bloat-X | Fluid Balance Formula

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Balanced Fluid Support

Your body works hard to maintain healthy water balance, but sometimes normal activities, such as sitting or standing for extended periods, prevent the proper "flushing" of excess liquids. If you are feeling sluggish, puffy, or like you don't look your best, Bloat-X can support your body's natural fluid balancing process.

  • Plant-Based: Bloat-X is formulated with Uva Ursi and Dandelion, herbs traditionally used throughout North America and Europe for healthy fluid balance
  • Probiotics & Enzymes: A balanced system--including the expulsion of excess fluids--requires sufficient "good bacteria" in your digestive tract. Bloat-X offers key enzymes in addition to probiotics to support your systems digestive processes.
  • Potassium: Naturally occurring in the body, Potassium is a critical electrolyte that supports healthy fluid balance. Giving your body a boost can offer extra support.

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