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Cal-Mag Fizz | Healthy Bone Support Drink Mix

Cal-Mag Fizz | Healthy Bone Support Drink Mix

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Support with a Twist

You’re never too young to start supporting your bone health, but you may not be interested in taking fistfuls of multivitamins to ensure you stay active. Cal-Mag Fizz offers vital nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and B Vitamins in a fizzy drink mix that will enhance your day while supporting your health.

  • One Scoop, Big Benefits:  Just one scoop of Cal-Mag Fizz can provide support for healthy bones through a range of vital nutrients.  
  • Enjoy Every Sip:  Delicious flavor with an effervescent fizz means you’ll actually enjoy supporting your health with Cal-Mag Fizz.
  • Move with Confidence:  When you support healthy bones, you give yourself the freedom to do what you love confidently.  

*Packaging received may be different than what is shown as we transition to a new look, but rest assured all formulations and products remain the same.

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