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Natural Balance

Ladies Choice | Life Change Formula

Ladies Choice | Life Change Formula

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Feel Better Than Ever

There’s no way around the fact that your body will change over time, but Ladies Choice can help keep you comfortable as you enter a new era of your life. Change can be good—support from the nature-derived ingredients in Ladies Choice can help keep you feeling your best so menopause doesn’t define this season of your life. 

  • Botanical Blend:  Ladies Choice combines 10 different botanicals, ranging from Pomegranate and Black Cohosh to Dong Quai and American Ginseng. 
  • Easy Support:  Just one VegCap a day will provide the nutritive support you need to feel as happy and healthy as ever.
  • Nutritive Boost:  Ladies Choice provides more than 80 grams of Vitamin E for supported skin, eye and immune health.   
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