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Natural Balance

Pure MSM | Joint Health Formula

Pure MSM | Joint Health Formula

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Clean and Uncomplicated

Some naturally-occurring compounds are simply so powerful they need no help to get the job done, and MSM is one of them. Beloved for its joint health benefits, MSM may be able to help you stay comfortable in everyday life and support healthy recovery if you should ever find yourself in pain.  

  • Clean Formula:  There’s nothing complicated about Natural Balance Pure MSM—the only active ingredient is 1,000 mg of MSM so you can encourage targeted joint health support.
  • Varied Benefits:  Although MSM is commonly taken to help with joint comfort, it may also support proper immune function and other important systems. 
  • Natural Compound:  MSM is naturally found in humans, so supplementing with Pure MSM may help support the level of this compound in your body.  

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