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Natural Balance

Thyadine | Healthy Iodine Formula

Thyadine | Healthy Iodine Formula

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A Drop of Support

Just one drop of Natural Balance Thyadine provides your full daily value of Iodine; it’s unflavored and offered in its elemental form for easy absorption. Getting plenty of iodine helps support a healthy system overall, and may help ensure that your thyroid continues to function properly. When you use one drop of Thyadine daily, you don’t have to worry that you’re falling behind on iodine. 

  • Simple Support:  Although Thyadine can have some big benefits, there’s nothing difficult to understand about the clean, uncomplicated formula.
  • A Drop a Day:  Just one drop of Thyadine provides all the iodine you need to ensure you’re getting enough of this vital mineral. 
  • Happy, Healthy, Balanced:  Thyadine supports the healthy, balanced lifestyle that you love with bio-available iodine.  

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